Places To See - Delhi's Cuisine

From the local, roadside eateries on the street to the age-old hotels in the Walled City, to the glitzy, bistros in five-star hotels, Delhi is witness to a variety of fare when it comes to food. Mughlai and Chinese are the most popular ones. Imagine the different kinds of cuisines from around the world that are available in Delhi!

The best thing about eating in Delhi is that it will suit anyone's budget. All kinds of cuisines are available from absolutely affordable to amazingly costly ones. It is for the tourist to pick his choice. Whether you are budget traveller, a student visitor or a businessman, Delhi has choices for all that. You'll just love how you can switch from a 10-rupee chaat to a 500-rupee buffet on the same road!

Delhi ka Aangan (Hyatt Regency), Darbar (Ashoka Hotel), Corbetts (Claridges) are among the many choices accessible in the luxurious series. The finest Frontier cuisine is available at the Bukhara (Maurya Sheraton), Frontier (Ashoka Hotel) and Baluchi (The Hilton). All of them have Chinese restaurants, too, in their hotels.
Arabic, Lebanese, Tibetan, Thai, Japanese and Mexican cuisines have many takers. Several restaurants on these lines cater to a sizeable population of Delhiites as well as tourists. East Indian and South Indian food is popular, too. Delhi is also identified with the ubiquitous tandoori chicken and tandoori roti, which, when just now had from the tandoor, makes a tasty snack. This is frequently obtainable at curb dhabas at a reasonable charge.